How are the Aussie Lockers doing??

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Rust Buster
Aug 25, 2003
Wild Idaho
Like the subject says, those who have bought them and installed them, how are they working out?? 8)
i haven't said anything for a long time, but i'm getting a little anxious to hear how you guys are liking them... or not liking them.
I third that motion, just seemed like that was all you guys could talk about before you got em, so what's up? ??? :D
search in this forum for "aussie"

152 results, including some with comments on the installation and performance

I put my aussie locker in last Saturday. I had a spare carrier so the locker was preinstalled. It took about 4 hours from when I took the front tires off, already had a lockrite in the rear, until it was mobil again. Took it out Sunday and so far it works just fine.
:) Well, that seems to bode well for them! I was sort of hoping that they would be well designed and a good deal. They certainly are inexpensive for the time being. :cheers:
i'm hoping to pick one up before december

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