hj60 Coilover shocks for OME

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Sep 29, 2004
Truckee, CA
Anyone running coilovers on the front of a 60 w/ OME heavy/heavy?
Pics? Part numbers?

Need a little more support up front.

Alternately: anyone know if you can grab a leaf out of the rear of OME and put it in front?

OME makes add-a-leafs to make light and medium springs into heavys and what not, you could add one to your heavies and have super-heavys.

How much weight are you running to need more support than OME heavies?
agent orange said:
How much weight are you running to need more support than OME heavies?

That's exactly what I was thinking!!
Mostly just the 2H motor.... on 5 year old OME heavies (for the 2F) up front it sags a little and hits the bumpstops more than I want it to. I've been trying to get the addaleaf from OME, but they are backordered.

The current situation up front isn't too bad, but once I add the roofrack, bullbar, winch, lights, other junk under the hood.... I'm worried that it will have too much rake.

the rear has puh-lenty of lift. Not a problem at all.

In fact, I'm thinking that maybe the answer is to pull a leaf out of the rear suspension (making it heavy -1?) and put it into the front, making it Very Heavy.

Any thoughts?

The only reason to go with coilovers is that it is a LOT easier than taking apart both spring packs and reassembling everything. This is my Daily Driver after all.
well apart of the big work are involven in put apart the springs .. MAF add a leaf are great solution in you case ..

If you decide this option buy the long ones.

The second option that you said about put a load leaf from your rear packs in front .. I don't think so .. for sure it gonna make your front pack really hard .. and maybe loose some ride and comfort.

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