High-speed side mirror shudder

Sep 25, 2004
Gleneagle, CO
The driver's side mirror on my crusier starts to shake at interstate speeds. The outer housing is not moving just the inner mirror. It is very annoying and distracting. Does anyone else have this problem or have any idea on how to fix it.


Sep 1, 2003
Dito loob ng kubo kubo ko
I know for certain that the 80 series has an opening for a philips head screwdriver on the underside. This screw allows you to tighten and/or loosen the mirrors' mounts as needed. Thus tightening up the shakes.

Don't know if theres the same set up on the 100 (trucks not with me), but I'd imagine it is.

If it is and you try it before I check back...

*****Be extra careful about overtightening it. I guess the mirror support bracket that it is mounted to is plastic and can be broken if you wrench too much.


100 TD

Mar 3, 2004
I pulled my convex mirror out when the vehicle was new and had a flat mirror cut to replace it, to make reversing with a trailer easier so when you look out each mirror you get the same picture and distances are the same. IIRC, the mirror hangs from a couple of hooks at the top and clips in the bottom, so you should be able to pull the mirror out from the bottom to unclip it, then lift it up and unhook it. Then you will be able to get to the mechanism which moves the mirror back and forwards and see if its loose. The other thing is the little threads on the motor drives that the mirror moves by, may be stuffed from someone holding the mirror movement switch down and continually driving the motors to the end, or if it was frozen etc, they are designed to spin at the ends of travel, but I expect if you did it for to long you would get some wear and slop/play in the mechanism and it could leave a bit of room for vibration.
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