Hi-Lift for a late 'Christmas' (1 Viewer)

Apr 16, 2007
Cochabamba, Bolivia
Yeah, so I've really owned it for over 15 years, but Hi-lifts never die. Now I live in South America and those suckas are over $100 a piece from Argentina + shipping + customs to get the bottom of the line 42" stamped jack (which is still better than anything else).

So my sista-in-outlaw is visiting us for a month or so from the NorthWest, and she with my bro-in-law and pa-in-law got me reunited with my red wonder.

You should see the packing job on it. I was going to have them cut it down to 34", but they figured out to send it whole. Bro-in-law got an extra long rucksack on base and the pa-in-law packed it in styrofoam. That, my friends, is the kind of family you can't buy!

**Humorous note- that was to protect the other passengers' luggage. I honestly don't know how an airline could hurt a Hi-lift!:grinpimp:

Here's a photo of it in the in the bag and then in the styro ...
IMG_1215 Hi-Lift bag small.jpg
IMG_1240 Hi-lift packing.jpg

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