Help with squeal in glovebox

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Oct 16, 2009
Louisville, KY
Appreciate any help diagnosing this intermittent noise coming from the glovebox area of my 2010 LX. It is definitely only in the interior and seems to be coming from the area where the cabin air filter is located. The car seems to be working fine. No fault codes or issues.

I'm taking it to my mechanic next week, but would appreciate any insight to help him diagnose this. Thanks.

Does it go away if you turn your Climate Control OFF? The blower for the Climate Control system is located behind the glove box. Mine does not whine but it is developing a little bit of a rattle at the lowest fan speed setting.
I'd suggest opening the air filter door and checking for debris. I had a hole eaten in my filter (by uninvited guests unknown) when I changed it. Be sure to use the climate control unit to open the door. If you try to open it by hand, you'll break it and you'll wish you hadn't when you try to buy a replacement.

There's a couple of threads about this topic in Nov/Dec of last year.
Mine has done this a few times on super cold mornings which we have had several of here lately in northern IL. My old 2002 4-runner used to do the same thing. Turn the fan off and back on and it usually goes away. Could also be leaves or gunk built up around the blower fan as others have stated.

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