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Mar 27, 2003
Groveland MA
United States
I've got a set of tires posted here and anyone interested needs them shipped. Going on line to UPS and such the costs are outrageous. Am I doing something wrong as I've seen quotes here for mounted tires at a fraction of what I'm getting on line.

Thanks for any help
Rick, FedEx will let you slap a shipping label on the tire itself. I had a set of 285/75 16s shipped from Indiannapolis to Virginia Beach for $17 a tire. I think that is around what you should expect to pay for a tire only. If you're shipping tires mounted on wheels, your best bet would be forward air.

I've been using FedEx ground for a couple years now for tires. I have shipped just the tires and using the UHaul green plastic shipping wrap I have shipped tire/wheel combos cheap enough. Just make sure your label is durable and sticky.
sounds remarkably inexpensive.
Is Greyhound a possibility too?
Fedex is not just cheaper for tires, they are cheaper and faster on most ground shipments. I never use UPS anymore.
Fed Ex or DHL have been cheapest when I have checked on items. Even cheaper than Greyhound.

I have always heard Forward Air, but I dont have a way to check thier rates, the page seems confusing to me.
Ditto on the FedEx Ground being the way to go. I shipped a 36" Swamper Boise, Id to SoKal for $22.00. No packaging, just taped the label directly onto the tire.

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