Help me pick a paint color

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Oct 14, 2014
So I'm getting ready to paint my rig. I'm thinking of sticking to a brown. I love this house of colors root beer.


I'm open to other earthy colors that match my interior.
Let's see some of your guys favorite earth colors
Color is personal. It's kinda like asking for others to help you choose a girlfriend. :)
Yeah reality set in...I'm gonna scratch the s*** out of it within a week. As much go off-road this entire thread was a temporary super duper stupid moment. Sorry guys
That army green is exactly what I want on my truck. Sans chrome. I will save pic for reference. Awesome
That House of Colors Root Beer is really nice. My 2014 Sunset Bronze Tundra looks real similar to the Rootbeer.
The first green one (Cruiserpilot). I am not generally a fan of non-factory colors, but that looks great.
It is base coat clear paint. Took it to bare metal first. It is a colour that has attracted more than a few comments. If you can get to
a car show, look for a 1969 Shelby. Here is a few more, I looked thru a bunch and its hard to find a clean truck photo!
IMG_0255.JPG SAM_0188.JPG

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