Help locating coolant leak after system overhaul (1 Viewer)

Jan 17, 2019
Hey all,

'92 FJ80 (3FE) I recently replaced most of my coolant hoses as well as the thermostat and the radiator. Only hoses I didn't touch were a couple on the firewall for the rear heater, ones on the intake manifold, the fat water pump/radiator hose, and the oil cooler/water pump hose. I thought I burped the system completely and tightened all the hoses that were leaking, but I noticed the level in the overflow tank decreases after drives.

Decided to look under the truck and saw coolant on the passenger side control arm, sway bar bushing mount, stock tranny armor plate. and front diff housing. Kind of everywhere. I wiped the surfaces, took it for a short drive (enough to get to temp) and there was coolant in the same spots. Thing is I see no drips when idling. I looked for hoses that showed signs of leaks, but see nothing. Any thoughts on where the leak is/what hose is leaking?

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