Hello from newbie and a little info needed if possible

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Apr 25, 2007
Hi all,
I just bought my first LC about a month and a half ago. It is a 1993 fj80 , one previous owner and 149,000 miles. I am looking to do the mods as I can afford them. So here is my first newbie questions....how did the Toyota factory rear bumper tire racks mount/ swing? Will they support a 33" mud tire? Are they still available? What should something like this cost? I was thinking about putting a "want to buy" add but thought I would poll the experts first. Thanks in advance. Great site.
welcome to the site!

do you mean one of these swing tire supports on the quarter panel edge that one sees on overseas LCs? They are not readily available in the US and they need reinforcements on the body.
You can add something to the bumper itself, but I don't know of an OEM version. There are some aftermarket ones around, not common, not cheap and need fabbing.
Most of those you see here and on the road are full aftermarket bumpers (pricey).
:flipoff2: welcome

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