Height and an FJ80

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Aug 11, 2013

New to Land Cruisers, actually looking at a few. Have yet to go and test drive. People can be hard to chase down.

My question is, I am 6'5". And I wanted to see if any other forum members, how is the fit? Uncomfortable? I guess that is my deciding factor right at the moment.

I am currently in an inherited crv. Which is killing my back. Great little car but, for the smaller set I think.

Thanks for your answers I am looking at a couple of FJ80's here in Denver. And wanted to see if the seat angles were bad. If not I will not bother. I have to see if a car fits first. then go from there. I was a Land Rover County LWB owner before this and a Jeep owner before that so I have had some torture for size. And electronics. Just want something that works and can go a few places I like to go.

I'm 6'2" and my 91 80 fits me well. Lots of headroom. I would think that you would be good in one. But you should just find one and testdrive. My only complaint is seat padding could be better. I have to remove my wallet on longer drives. I have the impression that the seats in a fzj might be a bit nicer.
I am 6'1" and have a 92 (manual seats) and a 96 lx (power seats). The 92 has more head and leg room. A friend who is 6'6"rode with me one time and he was cramped in the passengers seat of the 92. I second the comment about removing your wallet. I didn't get a numb leg from my wallet until I started driving 80s. That said if I couldn't fit into an 80 I would probably try to find a way. IIRC Landtank has a solution to get you a couple inches more leg room.

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I'm 6'2" and have absolutely no problem with leg or headroom... I actually drive with the seat forward about 4" or so from the back...

I will second the pass side leg room, it's not as much as the drivers side (the front of the floor is closer for some reason)

But Landtank does make seat rail extentions, but you may not need them (depending on your driving position)

That being said, I think the seats are extremely comfortable, the boulsters, lumbar, adjustable seat bottom height (both front and rear), I would take the seats in the 80 over my dad's BMW anyway, they're firm enough to be supportive, but not soft like a lazy boy..
I am nigh 6'4" and had a problem with leg room.

The "landtank" brackets are for power seats. For manual seats (which sit an inch lower, for more head room) you have to modify the brackets or make relocation brackets to get more leg room.

I have the manual seats, so i had a local fabricator make me relocation brackets.
6'4" in a '92

I have no issues with legroom or headroom. I am way more comfortable in the LC versus my '02 BMW 530i... I did realize how cramped i was in the 530 until I got the LC.
6'2" & a big boy. Landtank seat brackets were a life saver. Won't own an 80 without them!
I have no issues with legroom or headroom. I am way more comfortable in the LC versus my '02 BMW 530i... I did realize how cramped i was in the 530 until I got the LC.

Wow. Germans are tall, which is why i am a volkswagen fan. You would not believe the legroom in my 07 GTI. *I* don't believe the legroom in my 07 GTI. I figure they must have designed it for WNBA stars or something. If i put the seat all the way back i can't reach the pedals and steering wheel.
I have no issues with legroom or headroom. I am way more comfortable in the LC versus my '02 BMW 530i... I did realize how cramped i was in the 530 until I got the LC.

Yep, a 530 is snug (I'm 6'3" and 205 or so). I had to contort in and out of our '07 530i. A lot of the discussions on height and comfort comes down to whether one's height is due to leg length or torso length. Having said that, it seems that an 80 series (to me) seems to have about the same seating comfort/legroom/etc., as a Toyota pickup/4Runner of the same era, so if you've got any experience in those, an 80 isn't going to be drastically different.
I'm 6'7 around 285 and i've driven my 92 across the country before.

It's not the most comfortable vehicle (leg room wise) when I compare it to my old Mercedes S - Class or my old 84 suburban.

I DD mine and fine it pretty good.

As said before the 91-92 has more head and leg room than the later models.
Are you sure about 91-92 having more leg and head room?

I thought it was just that manual seats have more headroom than power seats. By about an inch.
6'-5", 200 lbs. Manual seats and I fit great. Brother's LX450 has power seats and is quite a bit snugger.
I am 6'5" and I have a '93 with power seats. I find that for around town or short trips the seats are fine. All of my driving has been on trips of about 1 hour or so or less and it is ok. I have plenty of headroom, but for longer trips would like the seats to go back a little further. I plan on getting either the brackets to move the driver seat back or fabbing something up to do the same.

I use my truck for utility most of the time hauling things in the back. When the front seats are all the way back, the 2nd row seats do not fold as easily forward because the 2nd row headrest contacts the front row seat backs. In these situations, I think even with the brackets you may find that folding the second row requires moving the seat forward a little.

When you are looking at vehicles, make sure the small white caps are in place and the seat can be moved fore and aft. These commonly can come out and prevent a power seat from moving but can easily be replaced as well.

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