heater union

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Jan 12, 2011
Northern Marianas Islands
Question about heater union, the top part of the union which a hose is to be attached leads to the heater, where does the other hose found on the side lead to?

I am re-doing the cooling system hoses and i will not be using the heater and will connect heater hose from union, Top of head near water temp, directly to the pipe found on the passenger side of the block leading to the radiator. Any one have helpful info or pictures of these process.

Where could i buy a new Heater union. Thanks
Union is only available used - ask in the wanted section. Or, I've seen at NAPA a 1/2" heater hose fitting that would work well, deletes the side fitting (for rear heater) . Routing would by-pass the heater core and go straight to the pump pipe, if you're deleting it.


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