Head Gasket or something else?

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Oct 26, 2014
Flagstaff, AZ
Hey team, my brothers and I did a ton of work on the cruiser this weekend. The list includes: repaired drivers door, repaired spark plug, cleaned and replaced the valve cover and gasket, gaped the valves, inspected the timing chain, pulled all the seats and carpet, cleaned the carpets and seats, detailed the interior, installed a new antenna, washed all the interior plastic, removed the flares, removed the side steps, greased the joints, changed the transmission fluid, replaced the battery, found the spare key, greased the electric motors on the front seats, and replaced the brakes.

All of this was in preparation for a 500 mile trip home. Unfortunately, while the valve cover was off I notice foamy looking oil pooled below the cams (see picture)
ImageUploadedByIH8MUD Forum1422829736.978178.jpg

So everything is leading me to believe my gasket is shot or worse the head. The only thing that makes me wonder is when we took the intake air hose apart it appeared that at some point there has been water in there. I admit that doesn't readily explain the foamy oil, I guess I'm hopeful it isn't the gasket.

So I'm going to do a blackstone analysis. I've already done compression tests and I cylinder 3 and 5 were low with 5 being in the 40-50 range.

Your thoughts?

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