Having Problems with brake system year is 92

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Aug 24, 2009
South East Texas
Ok to start off with I got this car as a spare time project car. it was flooded out, So far i have replaced complete wiring harness in cab under dash and the engine harness. New Computer, New Engine, transfer case and tranny all new. As soon as i can this braking problem the front and rear akles are getting new barring and 529 with ARB'S. my problem right now is When i start the car the brake peddle pulls to the floor and i have to pull it back up with my hand or the top of my foot, i already put on a new master cylinder and it did not help the problem, if I pull the vacuum hose off the booster it gos back to its normal spot put it back on it pulls the the floor. Well any help would be Great Its A 1992 Land cruiser 4.0
I would say your brake booster is toast, but have no idea really. I know a lot of people have had problems when they changed the master cylinder and not the booster, but I think that was mainly due to bleeding style. Still, it sounds like your booster is junk

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