H55F Input shaft swap...?

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Oct 12, 2010
Wild Coast, South Africa
I've been doing a ton of reading on Mud while gearing up to swap the 1HDT that I bought into my 60 and I reckon I've got most of my ducks in a row.. One question I do have though is how easy (or difficult) is it to swap the input shaft on my H55F from the coarse splined to the fine splined one? Is it just a matter of removing the circlip and bearing and remove and replace or is it more involved than that (suspect it is..).

Any feedback is much appreciated.:cheers:
If its anything like my 55 I still have not been able to pull the bearing out after several attempts with multiple puller types including some home brew versions if it was not for the bearings being almost new and fairly expensive I would torch them out.
Not 100% on the OP's actual question but, I rebuilt my H55F and holy god was that ever a pain in the arse. Took a long time and slot more effort that I expected. And like dieseler said that bearing is a real bear to get out.
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Thanks rover67, your link helps a lot.. Based on that I think once everything is out I'll get the box sent to a gearbox specialist and make sure it's done right, I'd hate to end up butchering the box in any way..

Tony I've have read that thread before and I got a lot of info from it.. It doesn't go into any detail regarding the actual changing of the input shaft it just specifies that it has to be changed and which shaft it has to be. You're right though, maybe a post in the diesel section would be a good bet
I got lucky, when I replaced the input shaft bearing my tranny came apart fairly easily. Ended up using some pry bars that were bent 90 degrees that fit into the snap ring groove. Just levered the bearing and shaft right out.


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