GX460 Stalls Randomly, No Codes

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Jun 13, 2010
SW Michigan
Curious if anyone here has any experience with an odd stalling issue. My friend's 2014 has been randomly dieing while going down the road. No fault codes stored and it restarts everytime without issue. Lexus put in a new alternator and battery but it has continued to stall after. Fuel pump was replaced about a year and a half ago under recall. This truck has had a non-disclosed engine replacement prior to purchasing, Lexus noticed it while putting in the alternator. Drive and runs normally otherwise. Any ideas?
Does it start up right away after pulling over or does it have to cool down.
Also reading the "non-disclosed engine replacement" and having this issue, I'd get rid of it and get another.
Let someone else deal with it.
Oh, wait, then they'll be on this forum asking the same question!!:depressed:
Or maybe it was someone on the forum that previously had this vehicle and couldn't get it answered on here and got rid of it. Now you're friend is the new person posting!!
Starting to sound like an episode from Outer Limits.o_O

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