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Jul 22, 2016
Nevada City, California
So, I finally got off my duff and signed up to be a member...been lurking for far too long. There has been too many threads that I have wanted to chime in on and things I have wanted to ask questions about.

I live in Nevada County, which in my opinion, has the highest proportion of land cruisers out of anywhere I have been. It is great to see first hand the work of the local fabricators too (Dissent and 4x4 Labs) just driving around town.

I'd like to thank the other members for providing such a wealth of information. I have long been a land cruiser fan and until recently, had to admire them from the sidelines. I started out with an 1997 80 Series a couple years ago and due to some life changes, I ended up with 2002 100 Series with about 109,000 miles on clock, pristine condition, timing belt replaced, and much of the service records and history accounted for. Thanks to this site, the purchase was a no brainer and I haven't looked back since.

I really loved the 80 but, the 100 is far more suitable for the type of driving and adventures I take and plan on taking. It serves as my daily driver, when I don't commute by bike, and the family hauler. It is far more comfortable for the long road trips than the 80 for sure.

Of course, I have a very long list of modifications that I will be ticking off slowly over the next year or two or three as money allows. The idea is to have her set up for overlanding and mild/moderate wheeling (we'll see how that goes as I have a feeling the more I tackle the technical stuff, the more I am going to want to do it). The current thought process is sliders, front bumper, winch, roof rack, rear bumper, then... the necessary suspension upgrades to handle the extra weight.

Current modifications include, removal of the factory side steps (removed day 1 of ownership), removal of the big ol' weight mounted on the frame to reduce harmonic frequencies, installation of BFG KO2's in 285/75/16, painted rims, and installed a yellow box speedo corrector. The KO2's are great and I would recommend them to anyone looking for new shoes. They run quiet, true, and have provided all the traction I have needed thus far.

Since I know ya'll like photos...

Here is the first day, with step sliders removed, and with new shoes and painted rims.




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