For Sale Greenville, SC 2000 Toyota Land Cruiser

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Vehicle Model
  1. 100 Series
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Selling my 100 Series Land Cruiser. Love the car but I’ve got my eye on something else so it’s time to let it go.

It’s currently sitting just above 315,000 miles but it’s in amazing shape. It runs like new, starts up easy and drives well. Next to no rust (a bit of surface rust here or there, but nothing concerning) and extensive service history.

Some of the service includes:
-Oil Changed at 316k
-Timing belt done at 297k
-Water pump replaced at 297k
-Coolant system flushed at 297k
-Brake pads replaced, calipers serviced and rotors resurfaced at 297k
-O2 sensors replaced at 250k
-Entire AC system replaced at 270k
-Front wheel bearings replaced at 270k

I have all the service records since the vehicle was new, so if you’re wondering if some maintenance was done I can check for you.

It will come with weather tech floor mats, the removable 3rd row seats, and a roof rack.

Vehicle is completely stock other than the wheels that are off a Toyota tundra and the BF Goodridge all terrain tires. The tires have about 18,000 miles on them, still plenty of tread.

****More Photos in Craigslist ad in link****


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