Green Acres in Clayton, Oklahoma

May 26, 2007
Hot Springs, Arkansas
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Some of you all have been to Clayton before. If not, it’s worth checking out.

Green Acres in Clayton, Oklahoma, has a long history of hardcore wheeling with excellent traction. In the few years past, it has also been very difficult to drill down to correct information and broadcast accurate intel. To help spread the word and hopefully act as a catalyst for renewed and continued interest in the area, a group has been formed on FB to discuss ways to improve the park, coordinate volunteer efforts, and publish info from the park owner (Rudy) on social media where a lot of us get our info.

The park is open and welcomes your business and any help you may want to offer; the group is just a way to hopefully continue some forward progress and keep communication open. All are welcome to join!

Green Acres Offroad Park - Clayton, Oklahoma Public Group | Facebook

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