Grease Zerks

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One for each tierod end = 5
One for the centerarm(assuming stock and not Sag) = 1
One for the drag link =1
One for each U Joint =4
One for each slip joint =2


Probably more, but at least that many.


Yup....left that one out, thanks for the correction.

Didn't know about the Tcase shifter one til it wouldn't move. I don't ever miss it now.
how often do you grease all these? obviously lots if you drive in water or mud, but just as maintenence on an occasional driver?
hijack, sorry
I graese anytime after driving in mud/water.

If just drive every now and them, I grease when doing oil change.
Center arm is what your tie rod and drag link connect too. It sits on the left side of the front crossmember. It turns the drag links back and forth motion into left and right motion. The drag link is what connects your steering box to the center arm.

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