got my first pig!

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Aug 17, 2013
Just got her!
'72/'76 fj55

Wow. That's bright! Details?
Congratulations! I think I saw here advertised - she looked terrific! However while the Swine Flu doesn't seem to be fatal - it has no known cure! Driver her, enjoy her, love her, and even some times you may curse her, - but welcome to the brotherhood! No better group of guys and gals than here. Their here for your tetchy info, support, encouragement, and advice.

Enjoy! Great looking Pig!!!!!!
Welcome aboard! Looks like the body has all been done, so what about the running gear. Details!

You won't lose that one in the woods. :)
Ya it was the Fj that was on eBay, I live close to Phoenix Arizona and i got it from the guy who bought it on eBay. It has the 2F engine. Since this is my first Pig I'm not 100% on mechanics and everything in it has since I always had jeeps and stuff. I love it though, it drives great. 2011 jeep interior which makes it perfect for putting the family in. 33 inch km2s and yes, the guy who was selling it did a custom body job on it. Did a good job too, all the welds are very clean, it looks like it was meant to be that way lol.

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