Goose Lake Trail Tomorrow Cooke City, MT (1 Viewer)

Mar 30, 2014
Cody, WY
Hey for those of you up in Northern WY -

I'm going to do Goose Lake Trail tomorrow in Cooke City, Thought I'd post here just to let people in the area know. It's kind of short notice but anyones welcome to come, I'll be in my 80, factory locked FR, 285s, lifted 3".
Another fellow mudder may come - then we'll have a second 80 on 285s and He has a winch.

We're going to meet at Soda Butte Lodge/Prospector Restaurant 11:00 AM - if there's no parking there then the Exxon station next to the Lodge or worst case scenario just look for either of us, both Emerald Green 80 series with bumpers(ARB/TJM).

If you want PM me and I'll send you my phone # as well. I'll check again in the AM before I leave.

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