Good LC Shop Near Flemington, NJ?

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Mar 28, 2003
Somewhere in NJ
Does anyone know of any good repair shops near Flemington, NJ?

I've got about 90K now and am thinking front axle maint. I can see a little dry greese on the DS knuckle. I've considered doing it myself, but: a) don't want to put three days into it, and b) not sure I have all the required tools. I also don't want to pay thru the nose to have James Toyota (local dealer) do it at $84/hr. They're real good with LC's, but that's a bit steep.



>> I can see a little dry greese on the DS knuckle. <<

This is not a bad thing.

>> I've got about 90K now ... <<

If the 60k mile service was not performed then it would be a good idea to have the service done. &nbsp:Dripping grease would increase the sense of urgency. Dry grease would lower the sense of urgency unless it has all dripped out :G.


Yeah, it's only a little grease, but the axle has never been serviced. I've neglected it for 90k and figure I'd better get around to it sooner rather than later. I saw from one of your posts that it took you three days to do it, and since it's my first go at it, I suspect it would take me as long too.

I'm not too worried about it since I don't wheel it (a few logging roads now and then in Maine when there) and don't use it as a submarine either. But I do want to take care of it this summer.

"How I spent my summer vacation"
   by Scamper

I did it over a 3 day holiday last year, July 4th if I remember correctly.  I am slow and everything takes me twice as long as most others do it. I also piddle around, visit with the neighbors, listen to the radio, and generally take my time. Most things are done with something breaking and will include a trip somewhere to get a new part, a tool, supplies or something.  It's a hobby, not a timed competitive event.

Two 8 hour sessions should be fine for most people that have never done it before. Follow Jim's write-up and have the FSM handy as a reference for diagrams and pictures.

The knuckle rebuild is a rite of passage into Cruiser obsession. Please join the club.  :G

If you really want a shop to do this, call Chuck at and tell him Uncle Mike told you to call. Their number is 908.454.6973 - he's off on Thursdays. He's a real cruiserdude with a cool 40 and he just got a beater 60. You can even call him names and make fun of him
. Their head mechanic is Scott - also very cool. EVERYONE there has always been very helpfull and is super cool. They'll treat you right. They're not the cheapest, but do good work and if they do f something up, they'll stand behind their work which is all we can ever ask for.

That said, dude, hook up with We're having a birf bbq on the 18th. Several guys are getting together to do this. You could always just check it out and decide then whether or not you want to do it.

You wheel your junk ever? If so, get on the gclc email list and we'll hook up.
The knuckle rebuild is a rite of passage into Cruiser obsession. Please join the club.  :G


I second this... A minimal investment in tools will go a long way with these buggers Don’t let these guys scare you off it’s not that big of a deal and in the end there is a bit of satisfaction to be had. Thing of it as a Cruiser baptism.
It's more than just that. our shop gets $624.00 labor for that job. That would go a long way toward toys like lifts, bumpers, tires, ETC................ :beer:
Thanks for the replys all.

B: I also end up breaking things on most jobs, and need to go buy some tool or whatever. In fact, I use it as an excuse for the wife to buy new tools. "But honey, the truck is all torn down and you can't drive it that way--it will explode. I'll need that new torque wrench just to put it back together--we'll still be ahead in the end, and you'll have your new muffler bearings".

Junk: I don't wheel it for real (just the wussy stuff I mentioned). Thanks much for the tip on the shop in Stewartsville. I used to live up in Califon (now Ringoes)--it's not too far a trip, especially if these guys are good. So what's with the birf bbq? Is that something like a circle-birf :G Which month? Bottom line is I think the timing may be a bit off for me. I just posted that my engine went south yesterday while the wife was driving. I fear it's gonna cost me big time and will put off the birfs for a little while longer. But if I can, I may come just to watch you guys to it (the birfs that is...).

Dan: I have no fear of doing the axle. I just don't want to spend a lot of time if I can find a reasonable repair shop; if I can't, then I'll no doubt do it myself. If I do have a fear, it would be tearing it all apart to find I didn't have the right kind of puller or something and I'd have to go on a quest for it--killing more time. I actually kinda like being in grease up to my neck. :G


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