Good drum brake repair/adjust video?

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Feb 6, 2015
From time to time my parking brake sticks ('82 FJ40) and I was told that the "bellcrank" is broken on one side. At least I recall that is what I was told - it was a couple years ago. I don't drive the truck much and have just been gentle when using the brake. Anyway, I want to fix it myself and am wondering if anyone can point me to a good video (or thread in the forum) that discusses removing/fixing/adjusting drum brakes on an FJ40? I searched and found various bits of good information of course, so I can piece it together if I have to, but just wondering if there is a good comprehensive (start to finish) guide I can follow...

Here's one over in the 60s section. Very similar.

How To Videos Thread
Cool, that is what I was looking for! The service manual references several special tools. One in particular allows one to spin the self adjusting shaft to loosen the shoes from the drum in order to get it off. Is this typically a problem? In the video he just pulls it right off with no problem...
Thanks for the video,

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