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May 18, 2009
Ok guys, In case you didn't know Junior is on a 2 year long vacation seeing how far he can get on his motorcycle, We thought is would be a good idea to bring him back for the Fall Gathering so we are trying to raise money for a plane ticket and storage for his bike.

We admit that this effort to get Jr to come back to New Hampsha for the FG is purely a selfish cause... But worth it!

Stay tuned for a few fun Jr fundraiser events in the spring!
I have some ideas that I will bring up at the spring meeting. Maybe a raffle or something.
Ok, I haven't been here in a while, sorry, I'm in a two wheeled world now. And quite frankly having the time of my life, I have to keep pinching my self to check and make sure that this is real! I do wish I could have afforded to take my cruiser in hind sight it may hhave been a better way to travel, except the lack of security in an open vehicle. I have had somebody spit on my helmet when I was away from it, I can't imagine what would happen to my 40! For the most part I can bring the bike inside at night, which is good. I'm rambling...

So, Tom and Amy had mentioned this gofundme thing at the last FG, and on the surface it sounds like a great idea to fly back from somewhere in South America to the FG next year, I have missed so few FG's over the years, but I absolutely hate flying. I mean hate it! But they seemed adamant, love you guys, and I offered that if they could pull it off I would gladly fly back to be with my friends again! I mean it just sounds so cool to do something like that! But now that I've been on the road for a while there is nothing that is going to keep me from being there, if I can help it, gofundme or not! A plane flight seems so trivial now. I look forward to some fire time with you all, and I can't thank you enough for this! It's very heart warming! See you in eight months!


PS And in case you missed it, the link to my ride report. I hope you enjoy!

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Been following along since you left love the reports and beautiful pics stay safe my friend.
Tried to donate again but they say the fund doesn't exist, whats up with the link?
I'm looking into it,,,,, stay tuned
All set guys,,,
Are you sure????
Yup, just re opened it, I guess after a certain time of no activity it goes inactive.
Your link is still telling me it can't be found.
IT WORKS!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hola mi amigos, como esta!?

As you all know, if you've been following along, I'm doing great! How could I not be on such a trip of a life time, right?Currently enjoying the beach town of Mancora, Peru and will be heading towards the Andes tomorrow. I thought I'd check in first in case I'm out of WiFi range for a while.

First off, thank you Tom for all your efforts in setting up this fund, and keeping it going, very much appreciated my friend!

Second, a very heart felt thank you to those that have donated! It's truly humbling and I wish I was more eloquent with words to try and explain better how this feels. Somehow thank you just does not seem like enough, but it will have to do.

Third, and the hardest for me, it's time to beg, to put it simply. I need some help. I've already purchased my plane ticket and will be in New England from September 14th until the day after the Gathering. That gives me a month in the States to see my friends and home, but I hope to not be lounging around too much. And thanks to Bob at Field and Forest I won't be without transportation, he's loaned me one of his motorcycles, how freaking cool is that!
I still have my tools at Wallys shop and I'm more than willing to trade labor for donations. If you have a locker you need installed or a transmission or transfer case refurbished, engine tune up, what have you, let me know. Larger stuff like transmissions will have to be done at Wallys, unless you have a press, and I'd be more than happy to load up the bike and come to you. Some wrench time and a visit is always good! But I don't want to limit it to just Cruiser stuff either. I'm not afraid of work and am willing to do anything. Need a trench dug to run power to your new garage? I'm your man! Need help with a roof, I'm there. Wife been nagging you to get some landscaping done, I'm on it! Even something as simple as mowing a lawn, I'll do it!
I'll have time on my hands, which I know a lot of people don't, and I'd love to spend it visiting my Cruiser buddies and paying back the generosity of good peeps! And, yes, earn a donation or two to keep going on this crazy dream of mine.

Thanks for your time and I look forward to sharing some fire time with you all soon!

Be well,


PS. You can reply here or shoot me an email, fourlowgo@hotmail.com
Do you do any tree work?

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