Get Flat Nasty with TAC 2007 - Online Registration

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Sep 21, 2005
Olathe, KS
Online Registration for the 2nd Annual "Get Flat Nasty with Tornado Alley Cruisers" is set up and ready to go!

A sign up link is available at -

If anyone has any issues or questions feel free to PM me.

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Hey I sent my in by tearin the page outa the Trails. Did I git a second meal fer Sat.? An I wanna git Golden a Large T..

C Ya, Don
Hey I sent my in by tearin the page outa the Trails. Did I git a second meal fer Sat.? An I wanna git Golden a Large T..

C Ya, Don

You are in for:

(2) large shirts
(1) XL shirt
(2) extra meal tickets

This is in addition to the XL shirt & meal ticket which come with the driver's registration.

Are you bringing someone along in addition to Golden?
Hey-my wife is going to be a game time decision wheterh her and ALex come down for the weekend. Can I buy extra meal tickets at the event?
Yeah - let me know as soon as the decision is made so I can contact the BBQ guys.

OK Chris add one more meal ticket for me as well as a medium t-shirt. Looks like Caroline will be driving down on Friday to meet up with us.
That'll be $5 - Extra passenger (park fee), $10 - meal ticket - $15 - t-shirt. Got you down.
His order total should be $100 (already had an extra passenger listed on original order).
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Can I register for a TLCA membership right now so that I can register for this event and register with a pending membership numbwer?

I went to the Tall Corn Cruiser Classic last weekend with my boyfriend, it was our first event and we LOVED it!!! Someone told us about this event and we'd love to be able to go.
You can sign up for TLCA at TLCA.ORG or call the #.. Not sure if Jenn is on vacation right now or not so might not get thru this week on the phone. But leave a message or do everything online.
WE'll trust that you've signed up and your packet is coming from the TLCA. it takes 4-6 weeks to show up sometimes. But no big deal we're a car club and the more the merrier. We ask for TLCA for a few reasons.. One to support the TLCA and 2 it's for our insurance that we obtain from teh TLCA .
And I'm the one that told you to come to Flat Nasty.. It's your boyfriend that has the V6 transmission?
Yeah...we were going to email you this week and make sure you still wanted it and everything.

We thought we'd go to this for my birthday. We're really looking forward to going so long as we can get registered, etc.! Thanks for letting us know about it, the pics of the park look AWESOME! We'll see you there, then.
Happy pre-birthday.. we'll have the crowd sing to you.
Finally signed up

Had planned on two coming along but looks like I might go it alone. I am really looking forward to this!


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