Georgia Traverse - MLK Weekend Cancelled - Winter Run


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Sep 17, 2016
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Be sure to ask Santa for warm britches, 'cause Upstate Cruisers is going on an ice-breaker run over MLK weekend. We will start where we left off the Georgia Traverse route last year and continue on the northern loop that goes into Tennessee. Last year's trip thread: Georgia Traverse - Feb 2-4

Same as before, this is more an exploration trip than simple drive. Wrong turns, downed trees, closed gates, etc. may force changes to the plan. I will be monitoring forest service information for any announcements that may impact the trip (for example, Dick's Creek, which comprised a significant section of last year's trip, has been closed). Any stops will be done as-needed and camp sites will be determined as available. I would call it overlanding, but we don't have any patches. :D

All participants should be self-sufficient for food, fuel, comfort, etc. The club will provide some food; details to come. We will need at least one chainsaw, so please post if you are bringing one.

This year the club is also asking for signup payments for planned club rides. Proceeds will go towards event needs such as propane, food, campground fees if applicable, etc, and all participants will receive an event sticker. Paypal or PM if alternate means are needed to hold your spot. Non-refundable. Club Member; $10/vehicle, Non-club Member; $15/vehicle.

Thursday, 1/17: Optional camp for night. $6 per site, no water, vault toilette. Google Maps
Friday, 1/18: Meet/Depart Desoto Falls campground at 11am. Follow route, camp somewhere.
Saturday, 1/19: Follow route, camp somewhere.
Sunday, 1/20: Follow route, camp somewhere. (optional trip conclusion for those without Monday off)
Monday, 1/21: Conclude trip

Fuel near departure point. Please fill before departure time if needed:
-South Google Maps

-North Google Maps There is another country store gas station on the way to it, but Gasbuddy does not have any fuel info for it.

Attendees (list capped):
1: @Bryanseye
2: @FrackMacker
3: @IcutYourCruiser
4: @forrest5000
5: @Clickws
6: @fj40alex
7: @Carp
8: @SCDerby
10: @Salty Dog
11: @ceby

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Jan 14, 2010
I can’t make this. Really wish I could. Couldn’t make it last year either.


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Apr 18, 2005
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Not going to make it. Would have to burn 2-3 days pto, and I'm saving up for a bigger trip.
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