Generac Generator Inverter

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Sep 1, 2004
So. Austin, tx
I have a iq2000 and love it! I used it for the first time down in Lake Powell on a crappy house boat in July, running it 5 - 8 hours a day. I haven't used the Honda, but can vouch for this being a very quiet unit for a generator. What I can say is that having an electronic gas guage, remaining run time estimate, and usage info is fabulous, all of which are things you can't get on the Honda. Too early for me say anything about reliability though as I only have about 20 hrs on mine.
I have an EU 2000. Works great. I bought a separate gas cap and fitted that to a hose and quick disconnect to an outboard motor external tank. That will run it for 2 1/2 days or so.

Lower quality generators generally won't perform at max rating. This gen runs a little past max load before the overload light comes on.
I'm also a happy Honda eu2000i and I can tell it's an awesome unit .. not only coz it's deadly quiet, but it performs flawless every time.
the Hondas are fantastic. Generac, I've heard mixed reviews. Have a look at Consumer Reports?
I ended up buying the Yamaha Ef2000is. I will be using for the 1st time next week in big bend.

Thank you all for the input
Honda or yamaha hands down . I have 2 large 5000-6000watt , an older 1000 watt and a 1974 80watt.......they all fire right up every time. also 2 old yamaha 1600 and 3500 watt, both 20 or more years old, good units, I loan them out during storms.

Had a generic lasted 7 days. got another at a garage sale.....gave it one of my 1st time home owners.

I trust honda....but Ifor looking for a new 1000-2000w.....I'd also look at yamaha
Another happy Honda 2000 operator here . During and after hurricane Matthew it ran my fridge and a couple lights non stop for 4 days without a hiccup .. it had been sitting for a year fired right up and went to work

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