Mar 31, 2008
Cork in Ireland
hi guys,
i'm a newbie here,all the way over here in ireland

we have very few 40's and 45's left as they all rust to nothing with the weather

i'm looking for information on the different gearboxes that were supplied stock with the 40's and 45's
also nearly all of them here are diesel

i came across a 3.5L diesel engine with an extra piece on the gearbox/transfer case area for a gear driven winch and want to find out about it

are there any lists of gearbox numbers and transfer case numbers out there.i heard of the h55 gearbox but want to know the differences and how to identify each one

thank you
great site
Jan 31, 2005
Denver CO
Check out the tech link section (that's a link) and there are some tables to cover different trannies and t-cases. AFAIK, in the 40/45 series trucks there is the J30 3-speed tranny, the H41 4-speed (with a low first gear), the H-42 4-speed (regular first gear), H55F 5-speed, the 3-speed t-case is so named because it came behind the 3-speed tranny (has lower gearing than 4-speed t-case), the 4-speed t-case is so named because it came behind the 4-speed tranny, and then the "split" t-case came on later model 4 speeds and 5 speeds. It sounds like you may have the "H" inline-6 diesel with a PTO winch assembly on the transfer case. If you can locate a Factory Service Manual, or even a Haynes or Gregory manual, you should be able to find out quite a bit about it, or search here for descriptions on PTO winches, there are lots of guys that run them.

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