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Apr 29, 2002
well one more question, while doing a little research, I have realized that my gear ratios with my 4speed and 4speed transfrer case suck, so I am looking into options to lower them, I see that advanced adapters makes a crawler box that makes your setup 5 inches longer, what over options are out there, can I put a sm420 to a 2f and still use my factiory tc, please help, I need to go slower!lol
You can put 3-speed gears in your x-fer, you can install a SM420, Sm465, NV4500, etc. between your 2f and stock x-fer, you can install a Malrin toy box, you can install an underdrive like a Ranger or Fairey, you can install bigger gears in your diffs, you can double up your x-fer, i've even heard of doubling up trannies. :D
You got tons of options, I'm sure I missed a few.
The issue of Trails that is currently online(I would place a link if I new how) has an article on a double Tcase. 77FJ40 4spd + NP203. Since I did not add a link you can get it by going to the TLCA website, going to the trails link, articles link, and then the double tcase link. I hope that is useful in some way.
Hey Gumby 2 questions. 1)did someone actually fit a double tranny in a 40 or was it a bigger vehicle? 2)is there anything that you dont know about cruisers? (there isnt a bow down in homage to the master face, but if there was insert here) :)
the guy that I saw that doubled up his trannies did it with two older toy truck transes in a CJ-2 or -3 behind a 22R and I want to say toy axles.
first/first/low was stupid low, like 1000:1 :eek:
reverse/reverse/low was even lower and made the truck go forward. Apparently two wrongs do make a right. or three lefts make a right. Something like that.

As far as Cruiser knowledge goes <ALex Karras voice> "Mongo just pawn in game of life" I get most of my info from other folks. IH8mud tech forum, TT, LCML archives, 80 list tech pages and the POR board. Sometimes it sticks, most times I have to go look it up.
My money is going into a SM420 swap. With my stock 3 spd x-fer and the 420, and staying with the 4.11 I will end up about 67:1. After saving the $ I will want to put in the AA box and it will put me in the 217:1 range. I found a 420 out of a 2x 53 chevy PU and best of all it's free.
tennfj40, any update? Still waiting to hear which path you chose and how it worked out.

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