Gauging interest in HID Kits $135.00 a kit

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Dec 6, 2007
So Cali
Hello everyone,

Let me introduce a bit about myself. I found this forum a few months ago and bought my FJ80 on this forum and man, first I just planned to use this truck for some road trips and maybe some mild camping but after I saw the posts here and experienced a little offroading I am totally addicted right now!!

Back to the topic I am working with JRTLIGHTING.COM and I am here to see if there is interest in any HID headlights for your Land Cruisers. Not sure if there is enough interest for us to be a vendor here but if we do get enough interest we will sponsor this website as a vendor!! Currently we are offering a special price of $135.00 each kit and comes with 1 year warranty!! Please ask me if you have any questions!

You can go to JRTLighting - Group Buy Center and type in code IH8MUD

Here are some pics of our HID kits:




How long would it take to install this kit? What do you need to do? I am sure you have instructions, but wanted to get an idea on how long of a job this is..
I am interested, but I need to sell off some stuff first.
these are street legal right?
these are street legal right?

Nope, not at all.
Installing HID "kits" are not legal.

Installing HID "kits" in lamp housings without proper projector lenses produces massive glare that some think are cool while others (on coming traffic) get annoyed.

Installing HID kits for offroad aux lighting is a whole different story :banana:

I see nobody has mentioned that the stocker fj housing could never accept any of these lamp configurations.

BTW, that jrtlighting website actually shows the kit being installed in non-projector lens housings! That's pathetic. These guys are here in California and they don't know that this is illegal?

If someone really wants to put these in their 40, they should consider installing some round eyes with some decent H4 Sylvanias and call it a day.
pc4400 is right, our HID kit is for OFFROAD use ONLY and is not intended to use on public highways. However if any of you guys so night time offroading this will be a great product for your foglights, overhead lights...etc

regarding the glares, when you shove hids into a car that's not designed for it, sometimes scattering of the lights, or not good output can occur. but some cars, mainly projector headlight cars(like S2000, Acura TSX, or many other new cars) since they
have factory projectors, it seems to put out a great amount of light, looks good and doesn't glare much.

im not saying it'd be terrible with other headlights, its just that sometimes it can glare. the bulbs are laser aligned so that the hot spot(brightest) part is exactly where the halogen bulbs hotspot location. down to 1mm.

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