Gauges installed

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Nov 3, 2008
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
In parallel with my stereo install, I installed my gauges this weekend. The three gauges are from GlowShift: 30 psi boost, EGT and water temperature. They are electronic except for the boost gauge which is mechanical.

All 3 gauges are user-selectable for backlighting. You can also set them to cycle colours continuously. They're pretty good looking for the price.

My double-din minidisc/CD/tuner japanese stereo was replaced by a single-din Pioneer head unit, leaving the other din slot free for my gauges (just like I had planned it). I didn't want to mount on the pillar as I'd lose the grab handle. Glowshift also offered a triple gauge din mount plate that I ordered with the gauges.

I'm not terribly impressed with the fit of the din plate wrt the stereo below. I dremelled out some of the plastic surround in order to get the gauges high enough that I could flip down my stereo faceplate. I'm going to try to modify the din plate to get the gauges a bit higher. All in all, still better than most other mounting solutions. This will just take a bit more work to make perfect.

Here's the pics:
The boost gauge was simple to plumb in - I just ran the tubing through the firewall and teed into the existing rubber tubing.

The EGT probe was a b*$%h to install in the manifold. I broke at least 4 drill bits and pretty much exhausted my arms drilling this thing in. Once I got the pilot hole done, the rest went smoothly and soon I had tapped a 1/8" NPT hole and installed the pyro. BTW I used grease liberally to lube the drill bits and to capture metal shavings.

I overestimated the size of hole I needed in the heat shield but the install looks pretty clean.
Gauge impressions

My impressions so far:

EGT - I was surprised to see how responsive the gauge is and how quickly the EGT's rise and fall. They will rise to about 1000° when I tromp on the skinny pedal in short order. It will be interesting to see what they reach when pulling my camper. They also fall off really quickly when coasting. I guess I hadn't realized how these temperatures can vary so quickly. BTW I installed pre-turbo as advised by many MUD members.

Boost - I'm seeing about 10 psi max. The boost comes on pretty quickly and maxes out soon after.

Water temperature - well, I haven't actually hooked this one up yet. The instructions very general and vague. I'd appreciate any input on this. The sender is the same 1/8" NPT as the pyro probe, so I figure I should be able to find somewhere to tap it in to. Where is the best place on a 1HD-T? Block? Thermostat housing?
How muchee were the gauges and where did you get them?
How muchee were the gauges and where did you get them?

I bought all 3 gauges and the din mounting plate from Performance Gauges & Gauge Pods GlowShift Gauges - Boost Wideband Air Fuel Gauges. They sometimes offer package deals on eBay so check there too. Looking on the site there are several different models - mine are the "White 7 Color". There are also several mounting options offered including universal pillar mounts for RHD (hard to find). The din plate can be installed LHD or RHD - the gauges are angled left or right on the plate. This mount has spring clips to hold it in place when installed.

I had an Autometer vacuum/boost gauge in one of my turbo cars and these gauges feel almost as solid. The selectable backlighting is great for matching your dash lights or your mood. Too bad the lighting isn't dimmable.
I have the same mounting plate and was thinking in this place to run my gauges .. just try it and feel 'em too tight ..
Found a spot yet for the temp sender ?

I'm looking for oil temp, oil pressure and coolant sender places. Oil pressure is easy, coolant I might tap in to the water exit pipe (there 's no boss as in the attached link but it's possible to tap in to the cast) but the oil temp I'm not sure about yet... Any suggestions ?

Got myself this gauge btw Home Page the EMS2 with the toyota kit from landyonline.
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I run my ex tranny temp as oil engine temp at the same place ( with a t fitting ) that I'm using to get the oil press ..
Do you you get a good reading from there as it's static, no oil flow in there ?
Do you you get a good reading from there as it's static, no oil flow in there ?

IMOP yes .. I do have. but that's just IMOP .. maybe not that accurate .. but I never take a cientific point about it.

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