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Mar 25, 2012
Mooresville, NC
Hey guys, I’ve debated for years on having my FJ painted. Well, a buddy of mine found a guy locally that is pretty well know for quality jobs at a fair price. I had two other quotes and honestly they’re all over the place.

I researched on mud a few times and found the same, pricing is fairly subjective because of what may or may not be found when stripping the body, how much tape is used vs taking panels off, trim, removing windows, etc.

So, I thought I’d share what this guy did and how much it costs since I’m sure that’s what most want to know.

Removed all trim
Removed all windows
Removed doors, rear up and lower hatch
Removed panels from doors
Removed hood and front grill, lights, etc
I had one dent in the hood the size of a baseball and that was fixed
Front window had two small dime size surface rust spots. Sanded down, primed, etx
Rear window on upper hatch had a spot the size of a dollar bill below the corner and luckily that too was surface.
All doors had small spots at the bottom inside near water hole and those were addressed
Vehicle fully sanded down, primed, painted, clear coat with high quality PPG back to original cream/white

I am very picky and anal about details and honestly I couldn’t be happier. These guys didn’t rush, took about 4 weeks with holidays, and I just got it back this week. I went over the truck with a fine tooth comb and it’s great. They even tried to straighten the front bumper since the previous owner bumped something and put a tweak in it. (I want a nicer/ new to me 60 bumper if anyone has one close to Charlotte)

Pictures aren’t great as it started to rain right when I got out of the truck. I’ll get some additional later.

Cost $5500

Had several other quotes, $2800-$8000





Oct 14, 2007
East Bay, SF, CA
You got a great deal! It cost me close to $2k just to have my back hatch painted single stage plus some rust fixing under the mudflap. Got that done in preparation for my 4x4 Labs bumper. To paint the whole rig at that shop (single stage, no glass out) would have been about $6k. Maybe this is california pricing compared with the south...

Chris Cahill

May 2, 2014
Galveston, Texas
Yea that's a steal. I paid $12K for a full glass out paint job with some dent removal. They did have to take some of it to bare metal due to a poor previous repaint. It ended up what I would consider show quality so I was happy. I was quoted far higher prices by all the other shops I talked to.

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