fwd indicator switch location?

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Mar 31, 2015
rhode island hope valley
i have 4wd and a good bulb in the dash so perhaps the switch as my green light will not come on

anyone know where it is and if its on the passenger side...on the side... near the engagement lever will any transfer case fluid leak
out if removed

cannot find a diagram on line....

also is there a fuse just for this??

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For me, I had a short in the wire at the 'connector'. Repaired the wire and the green light worked again.

Location of the connector:
A) on top of the transfer case.
B) right hand or USA passenger side of case
C) difficult to access...lay on the ground, on your back and worm your hand to the top right of the transfer case
D) green connector...look for breaks in the wire.


Edit: as I recall, this green light is also on the same circuit as the wipers.
Location of 4wd switch on transfer. FJ60. Check plug. If ok, check continuity of switch w plug unplugged.

don't think i have a solenoid just a manual lever and it's shifting in and out fine i located connector/plug will check that...hoping it's not the switch as they appear tough to find
thanx all
What model of 6X series do you have, year and is it still stock? Can't tell by picture in your avatar but looks like a FJ62 which is vacuum operated 4WD. The lever on the transmission hump switches between high and low range. Those have another switch to activate the vacuum control on the firewall for 4WD when lever is switched to low range.

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