Full Engine Rebuild + Turbo 1HZ 79 Series Queries

Nov 28, 2021
South Australia
Looking for some advice before I embark on this venture.

I have a 2001 79 Series (1HZJ79R) that is burning oil and is well down on power and so I have decided that it is is need of a rebuild. I have already completed this process on my 1KZTE Hilux and have fitted and run in a new head on my 80 Series (1FZ-FE) So mechanical competency is not the concern I am more concerned about purchasing the wrong kit or buying a poor quality kit.

I'm looking for recommendations for rebuild kits or companies worth reaching out to (Relevant to an Australian market) for this engine and want to know if there is anything noteworthy that I should be keeping an eye out for?

While completing the rebuild I am also looking to install a turbo, has anyone done this and what steps should be taken to convert a non turbo engine as smoothly as possible.

Appreciate any and all input on this matter.
Cheers :)


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