fule issue ?

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Jun 18, 2006
:confused: hi guys any help would be great , my proble is this.
my ride starts fine and runs great but after sitting for eight hrs it dose not want to start at all , its not happy. Is there any way the fule could be leaking back to the tank ? should the primer for the fule be hard or soft , mine is soft . once its running its great , i cant seem to figure it out . Thanks for any suggestions LJ78 2LTE 1990 the suggestion , get rid of it is not what i want to hear hehehe but thanks to those with that opinion just the same .
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I would have a look at where the pipes enter the tank, shove your hand up and feel the pipes, smell diesel on your fingers?

Also it could be a hole virtually anywhere along the lines which allow air in and the fuel to drain back to the tank.
Also a non Toyota fuel filter can give you these issues as well.
Check for fuel leeks in the pipes. I have seen it on an lj70 and a KZJ70 and they have both been the metal fuel pipes that enter the tank having a small corroded whole where the pipe makes a 90 degree turn into the depths of the tank.
Cheap part from toyota and not too bad to do.
Also check the return pipe and also the pipes that feed the fuel pump.

Martin :hillbilly:
KZJ70 Land Cruiser II

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