Fuel Tank troubles

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Apr 2, 2005
The garage that installed the new exhaust system (Feb of last year) on my 86 HJ60, screwed up big time. They didn't check clearances and the exhaust pipe has rubbed a hole in the corner of my fuel tank. They will pay for the repair/replacement so what should I do? Repair the existing tank (it's a fairly small hole), replace with a good used tank (if I can find one), or replace with a long range tank (if I can find one)? I know a big part of my decision is going to depend on what's available. Anybody have any leads on a good used tank in the Calgary area? Are tanks from any of the 60 series interchangeable? Are there any reasonable priced long range tanks out there? (My spare is roof mounted).

get a new tank...they are paying for it...they gave you the option of fixing or new get a new one.

they should not have to upgrade your fuel tank to something that wasnt already there...unless they said it was ok.

just my 2c :)
Of course I wouldn't make them pay for an upgrade, but I would pay the difference. Not everyone is unethical.
Of course I wouldn't make them pay for an upgrade, but I would pay the difference. Not everyone is unethical.

with the long range tanks you will lose the spot for the spare underneath. If you have rear carrier, that would matter less, but I love the option of carrying 2 spares.
I don't think you need a long range tank with the hj60. the stock tank is 23 gallons. even fully loaded on bad roads that will give you a 400 mile range, which is plenty for everywhere on the planet except australia and africa.
the stock tank should be available new at a dealer.

Not everyone is unethical.

no not everybody is...i didnt say everybody was did i???...i appoligize if it was implied....it wasnt my intention...but...you never said that you would pay the difference...only to get a long range tank as the replacement...i was just stating that they probably wouldnt nor should they do it unless they have already said they would...

anyhoo ....a new tank you should be able to get right from toyota....

i'll see if i can find the part #
these #'rs came up for 1980-1987 bj60/fj60: it was superceded to this # from the number I have 77001-60110

Item Number MSRP Core Price Price
7700160241 $599.26 $0.00 $479.41
Fuel system - Fuel system components - Fuel tank
Fuel tank 1981 - 1987

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Item Number MSRP Core Price Price
7700160241 $599.26 $0.00 $479.41


I do not have the number for the HJ60...it may be the same...ask cruiser dan...and you can order thru him
I would like to go long range on my BJ60. I have a GOOD, that is NO RUST tank here in Guatemala that I might be able to bring up if you cannot find anything else. I'll be in Cranbrook this summer (that's only 3 hours or so from Calgary). I bought it as a spare as my tank needed to be fixed a couple of years ago. So far the fix is holding but at some point I'm going to need another and I'd prefer a long range tank.
You can also use a tank from an FJ60, that is what I had to do. The only difference is with the suction tube set up. The FJ has two (plug the return line) tubes to the BJs one. I think that you should be able to keep the old suction tube from your BJ. I bet you could find one at a junk yard for a small price.
A long range tank would be my preference. And Jan, there are plenty of places up here in Canada where you can go over 400 miles without finding a gas station. I love to get out into the backcountry and explore! Anyone know where I can find a long range tank? If not, Cruiser Guy I'll take you up on your offer, if the price is right.
If not, Cruiser Guy I'll take you up on your offer, if the price is right.

If you want this tank you'll need to contact me by PM in the next week or two to confirm and arrange pickup/shipping and talk about price. I leave Guatemala on the 23rd of May and I'm not taking the tank without a commitment to buy!

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