fuel system issue

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Mar 26, 2009
i started a thread in the pig pen but thought i should post here.
my 78' pig keeps dieing. can't get fuel to the carb. i bust off the gas cap and a a decent amount burped out under pressure. i pulled out the fuel level sender and the tank equilized. i could hear air rushing in to the tank.
am i right in thinking this is a vent issue?
has anyone dealt with this?
any ideas or random chatter share?
Hey Eric,

Sounds to me like you are having issues with the charcoal canister and proper venting of the tank as fuel is being drawn out. Are you saying that there is pressure built at the fuel cap, but suction at the fuel gauge sender? That seems a bit counter-intuitive. Hopefully someone with some insight on the '78 system can chime in, all I have is the FSM for my 62.

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