FS or Trade- 1985 BJ70 LX or 1980 BJ40

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So I bought the 70 as my daily driver and that's what it is now. I love it. Plan was to use the wife's SUV for my long trips for work. She doesn't like driving the 70. Says the shifting is too weird and it's too slow (she has a turbo Volvo)

So here I am.

I have a pending offer on the 40 so that might be off the table soon.

I'd like a newer diesel Jetta or Passat but will entertain other cars for a DD. MUST get good gas mileage and not be a shoebox (no Yaris, etc) I like diesels but that certainly limits me. I usually drive to NY and VT regularly. need to drive to Chicago soon and highway speeds in the 70 is too slow (60-65 mph) for very long trips.

1985 BJ70 LX $12K or best offer

restored in canada about 6-7 years ago
Engine runs well with no smoke
Rust issues have crept back since resto. rear door has top corner rot, drivers and passenger door has minor rot along the bottom edge. Drivers side front pillar has some rot. All in all not bad and looks great! I know a guy who's selling a full set of doors for the 70, totally mint, for $1K for all 4 doors.

Underside has been coated and oiled and looks very clean.

Interior is very clean. Super clean. Only missing the small compartment under the radio which is cheap and easy to find.

Heat switch needs a fixin. Can't slide the heat lever to fresh air. Fan switch works so not a big issue. No A/C anyway.

Drives great. Brakes and clutch are sweet. Drives straight. Doors close nicely. Engine runs well. I have a new diaphragm that I'll likely throw on soon as idle is odd at times. All lights, radio, etc work.

Suspension is very nice. Rides beautifully!

1980 BJ40 $10K

Rebuilt B engine with 2K miles
H55F 5-speed, fresh rebuild
Xfer newly rebuilt
Original paint
swampers 31"
seats nice
glass perfect

One of them has to go and can't really decide. Should have known the wife wouldn't see the magic in the 70! She loves riding in it but refuses to drive it.

I have no interest in 60's or 80's on trades. Leaning towards selling outright as odds are trades won't fit as I'm very picky.

PM me with stuff as I forget to check threads due to work etc......

617- 48O-6693
Corollas are way too boring for me. Turbo diesel has a nice ring to it. The reliability factor does concern me a bit with VW's but the other option is Mercedes which is worse.
Bump? Ain't nobody like diesels no mo??
some pics of the 70 sitting in my car hole.
Oh my god, more pictures...no way!

The 70 will head to eBay soon with a stupid BIN price so Tom Hanks can buy it and add it to his cruiser collection.

Any luck Johnny? Beautiful rig!


No luck yet. Have some interest locally but haven't really pushed it yet. Got a few decent offers on the 40 that I probably should have taken but now I'm thinking of keeping that one. Changing my mid every 5 minutes

Title for the 70 arrived today so it's good to go. Heading to eBay once I get a free minute

Just bought a full set of brand new doors for the 70 which should be here in a week or so.
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No but I hear "Nice Raider" alot

It's my daily driver so if it doesn't sell quickly then no big deal. Not in a rush.
drroooool, take some pics of the engine bay and underside... im sure potential buyers want to see that and the rust areas.
True. Underside has been lined (looks like anyway) then oil coated so underneath looks very dark. Luckily there seems to be no rust issues underneath. The back rear door is crusty on the corner but like I said I have a brand new set for replacements. I have about 50 pics so if someone is truly interested I'll email them to you.

Just drove it back from the airport in Boston traffic. Runs great. Almost got in a few accidents from gawkers.

Rust pics below. These pics are easily the worst of it. Took the truck to 2 bodyshops locally and had the areas checked out. They both said what's there is no big deal and would be very easy to fix.

Rust spot on the drivers door pillar is due to water clinging to the rubber seals then sitting for some time. Pillar does not need replacing by any means.

Rear door is crusty on that corner but is obviously an anomaly since the other door corner next to it doesn't have any rust. Have a new replacement

Drivers and passenger have tiny rust along the bottom but like I said, I have replacements.

Replacement doors were just purchased from a fellow MUD member and are off a mine truck. The doors were removed before the truck went into service so they have about 5 miles on them. They would need to be painted and hardware/glass swapped from the ones on mine. From 10 feet my truck looks great so I'd hold off on swapping them for at least a couple years.

The main issue is that the truck was not garaged for years. Won't take much to make it perfect.
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