FS or FT: 1997 Mercedes S420 or 2002 Lexus RX300

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United States

Awhile back I posted about possible trading/selling my two vehicles. I am wanting to sell both, then pick up a 1996 or new Land Cruiser/LX.

I have both of my vehicles on ebay now. If you are interested in working out some kind of trade for a 96 or newer rig, let me know. Also, if you are interested in buying, let me know you are from Mud and we can sharpen the pencil.


Mercedes - Mercedes-Benz : S-Class:eBay Motors (item 200341027391 end time May-17-09 20:15:33 PDT)

Lexus - Lexus : RX:eBay Motors (item 200342077568 end time Jun-03-09 19:14:48 PDT)
4-1-2009 003-small.jpg
Lexus is gone but I still have the Benz. I was hoping to try and trade it for a daily driver but I have since found a DD. Just curious what someone would be interested in trading for. I would love to have a fun weekend rig to go out and play with. Send me some pics of what you have and what your thoughts on a trade would be. I am moving to Costa Rica where my Benz wouldnt handle the roads very well, that is the only reason I am getting rid of it. The car is super clean and reliable. Let me know what you think.

Cheers guys.

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