front turn signal lights

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Jan 14, 2011
Prince George BC
I am having a tough time finding replacement signal lights for the front of my LX450. They appear to be discontinued from Toyota and I was wondering if anybody had a decent source other than Chinese lights from Ebay. I would prefer quality replacements but would buy Chinese if I could find a source that doesn't require direct shipping from China and 2-16 week delivery. Thanks
Depo brand lights are high quality, I'd recommend looking into those. All of external light housings on my LX are Depo brand now and I have no problems with them at all.


I have been using Depo tail lights for quite a while and they held up well. I was hoping somebody maybe stocked them in North America but it’s looking like I just may have to order from overseas and wait.

Dennis I bought one from you a little while back and actually just installed it yesterday! That was a great score just need to keep hunting for a passenger side to match. Thanks

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