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Dec 10, 2007
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I just installed my OME heavy kit recently, and I heard something pop while driving today. It was one of my front end sway bar links breaking. The head of the bolt broke off, too much pressure?? I am looking to get new ones for the front and possibly for the rear (FJ62). With the lift I have, do a need a special longer sway bar link? Where Should I get them from, SOR or CruiserDan?


Sep 1, 2003
You don't have to get longer ones for the OME lift, but it doesn't hurt. The horizontal part ends of the sway bar should be more-or-less parallel with the ground. I made my own for the front using some 5mm (I think) thread rod and a piece of 1/2" OD tubing. I did weld a nut on one end to fake a bolt, but you could probably just double jam nut one end. I also extended my rears by cutting the strut and welding a piece of tubing (again 1/2" OD I think) around the outside. I've got a post in here some place...

here's a post with some ideas for front & rear:
Apr 1, 2007
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I went with the OME heavy's myself and extended the rear sway bar links per this post by Euclid. Forum - View Single Post - Sway Bar Extensions
I found that if you cut the steel tubing to 4 inches you'll have the sway bar level.

I did something on the simple side for extending the front sway bar links. So far they have lasted a month on some heavily potholed roads.

I picked up 1 package "Energy Suspension" GM type End links from a local auto supply store (Murray's) Like these towards the bottom of the page. Sway Bar End Links

Then I bought 4 - 5 inch long (grade 8) fully threaded 3/8th inch bolts, 2 - 3/8th inch threaded connectors, and 8 3/8ths inch nylock nuts from the local Ace Hardware.

Make sure your car is parked and on a level surface to install. I pitched the supplied short bolts from the Energy Suspension kit and placed a washer and 1 bushing on the 5 inch long bolt head. I then inserted it through the sway bar and added the other bushing and washer. I bolted it tight with one of the nylock nuts. I did the same thing to the end link mount on the frame. I then took the 3/8ths inch threaded connector and threaded it onto one of my bolts. I then lined up the 2 bolts end to end and connected them together with the 3/8ths connector. In the pic it shows I have a nut threaded on one of the bolts to keep the threaded connector from loosening but it hasn’t moved since I installed it. You can do the same thing but use a nylock to keep it in place. When I finished it looked like this

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Jun 4, 2004
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Howdy PhilC64:

Is your rig lifted ?

Cruiser I have - Old Man Emu upgrades - Front links are bent as stock seems to do I hear
Rear - one link broke - I will do the self made upgrade as well for rear
both ( front and rear ) bushings are crumbled - with stock link lengths

want good /hearty replacement for a 2" lift


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