Front Runner - LX 470 install question

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Jul 30, 2020
Hi all, newbie here, first post. I tried search but couldn’t find specifics. Apologies if I missed it or if there is a better sub forum

I am new to the cruiser world, recently picked up a clean LX470 2007, 170k that was mostly highway driven.

I’m installing a Front Runner slimline and have a question about the ditch molding. To get to all 3-4 installation points on the roof, you have to remove the entire ditch molding. It looks different from Toyota 100 factory racks with ditch molding that goes around 3 feet.

questions- for LX470 owners who use a front runner rack, how many feet did you bolt to the roof on each side? And, did you bother to replace the ditch molding? If so, did you cut down the factory molding or source some shorter Toyota pieces?

I don’t think the molding is essential but I’d rather do it right the first time:)

thanks for any insight!
I did the install a few years ago. Both pics are from the driver’s side.


Three legs are bolted. The very front is resting. I cut the LX’s trim to fit.
@LXG8R Thanks. Pics did the trick- that makes sense. I may bolt down the 4th set of feet since I have the hard wear and skip the trim part.

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