front inner axle speedi sleave

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Apr 10, 2011
Castlegar, BC
Anyone try to speedi sleave the inner front axle? I'm rebuilding the front end, my passenger axle is very worn on oil seal seat. need truck back on the road and can't wait to order new axle. it's my DD
Got a photo of the axle shaft? Some people have used the Marlin Heavy Duty axle seals, the seal lips are slightly different and IIRC sit slightly deeper than the Toyota seal so the wear is in a different spot. While you're at it you could swap the birfs to the opposite sides to even out the wear. Don't recall reading about anyone here using a speedi-sleeve for the front axle shafts; had the same question when I did my front axle but went with the Marlin seal.
i can't post a pic unfortunately. It's the worst wear I've seen. I've got toyota seals and new outer birfs. the drivers side is a newer axle so the seal area is good. just trying to find a quick fix. Drilled my new birfs to make them greasable and had all the bearings and seal on hand prior to make it a one day job. wasn't expecting the amount of wear. I guess i'll put it togethor the way it is and order/replace the axle later.
Try not to seat the axle seal all the way in so the surface of the seal rides in a slightly different spot on the shaft. Just make sure it still is put in square.

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