Front Hub Evaluation

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Apr 18, 2011
Eugene, OR
I always worry about my hub after I repack and adjust.

I have heard horror stories about tightening the hub too much and it blows up and falls off the car, or not enough with the same results. I also have questions when i am done like "should I have replaced that c-clip or just used the old one?" or "did i really use enough grease?". do I know that the hub is road worthy?
Is there anything to look/listen/smell for while driving?
do i need to run it at a certian speed or for a certian distance before I can be sure it is good to go?

The hub I repacked was on the DS and was really loose upon inspection. Repacked and re adjusted and it feels really good.
I have driven 2 or 3 mile on it and it seems OK. I am most likley being paranoid, but any advice would help.

I overtightened the hub on my old 80, with no repruccussions. Checked it after 10,000, and it was fine and didnt have any signs of wear etc.

Id say the two biggest things, is getting the tabs folded on your star washer so the nut will not budge, and making sure your seals are in good shape to hold the grease in and the oil out.

They are pretty forgiving otherwise.

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