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Sep 28, 2009
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Finally finished putting everything together.
Bumper is TJM T13, I like how the middle vertical supports of the bumper line up and flow into creases in hood.
Toyota clear side markers
New Depo glass headlights with Stedi Cooperhead LED 9005/9006 lights. They have some hotspots but the quality and intensity of light is much better the HIR bulbs I had previously. I've had no issues with dazzling oncoming traffic for the last couple of months -- the headlights were aimed using Daniel Sterns protocol.
The parking lights are also from Stedi, I got them because they are cheap and temp match the cooperheads.
Rounding out the lights, the fogs in the bumper and the main driving lights are again from Stedi (and temp match the other lights). The driving lights are X-Pros.

The grill is a sharknet with a 70 series badge that I modified to fit (It's almost exactly the same size as the logo supplied but mounts from behind.


updated front end LC.jpg
May 23, 2016
Are the rectangular marker lights in the bumper original from TJM or aftermarket? I have the same bumper and have been looking for replacement marker lights without much success.

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