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Front End Problems?

Discussion in '60-Series Wagons' started by dogboy, Feb 1, 2004.

  1. dogboy


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    Oct 14, 2002
    Here's one for all the trouble shooters out there:

    I'm trying to diagnose a sound coming from my front end that occurs only when I hit a good sized bump in the road or a series of bumps (speed bumps, potholes, etc...). Best way to describe it is that it sounds something like a rattle or knock, like something is loose. I haven't been able to reproduce the sound with the truck stopped and me pushing and pulling on various parts and pieces under the front end.

    Here are the variables to consider:
    • both knuckles completely rebuilt last month (sound was present before and after this repair)
    • both locking hubs and wheel bearings serviced and repacked with grease last month
    • new shocks & steering stabilizer - Aug '03
    • all new polyurethane bushings throughout suspension system - Aug '03
    • castor shims under front springs
    • front springs (OME's) shift in spring pack and "clunk" when turning wheel left-to-right (different sound from one described above)
    • power steering gear box has been leaking since rig purchased 2 years ago
    • running 1/4" spacers on front wheels, if this has anything to do with it.....

    What I've done/checked:
    • checked and re-torqued all suspension components/hardware as neccessary
    • visually inspected and pushed/pulled/etc... on drag link and steering linkage
    • made up new #%$& words and scratched a bald spot on my scalp trying to peg this problem

    • could this noise be related to my leaky PS gear box?
    • what about a worn steering shaft/steering shaft u-joint?
    • worn tie rod ends?
    • related to my "clunking" front springs & castor shims?

    My dog is puzzled by my new vocabulary......anybody have any good thoughts on this one?

    Thanks for the help,
    -dogboy- '87 FJ60
  2. dd113


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    Jun 13, 2003
    A guess or 2: tighten the relay rod ends (grease them, remove cotter pin, tighten all the way until snug, back off 1/2 turn. Jack the truck up then re tighten the spring bolts. Check if the relay rod and tie rod ends are rubbing against each other when jarred.