Front Door Rust Repairs

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Dec 16, 2013
Hello all,i have a set of late model doors that need rust repairs done.Being in Australia panel replacement sections are not a viable option.Are there any good threads on here that i can view(with alot of photo's).I'm happy cutting and welding,just not that good at shaping and bending new metal sections.
Where abouts in Aus and how bad are yours? Can you post up a pic or two?

Good doors come up pretty often for around $200-400 per pair, If your doors are bad its probably worth buying a decent set.

That said, i recently repaired my front BIB which was in bad condition, and was surprised how easy it was in the end.
Rare spares in Oz do the bottom outer sections of fj40 doors, just cut and weld

rare spares.jpg

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