Front axle scheduled maintenence


Mar 15, 2002
south burbs of Chicago
I hope you guys can set the record straight once and for all. After reading a recent thread about warrantee work, I checked the owners manual supplement on my 97 LX 450 concerning the front knuckles. Like another member stated, there is no mention of repacking the knuckles, just "lubricate steering knuckle". This is to be done every 5k miles under the "special operating conditions" or 15k miles under "normal operating conditions". I'm assuming they mean to squirt some grease into the knuckle plugs, correct? This is all confusing because I read somewhere that the plugs are in a bad spot and adding grease to them won't reach the birfs. Can someone shed some light on this.
The truck is a 97 LX 450 that the wife and I use as a second vehicle, 99% on road 50/50 city/highway. I took it in to the dealer @ 69k miles because I found grease inthe front diff. They redid the front axles under warrantee (with less then 1000 miles left on it :D ) So I'm thinking it will be set for another 60 K ? is this right?
Thanks so much everyone. Bob


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Mar 27, 2003
It all depends on what they did. We recommend a complete tear down of the knuckle at 60k intervals and a wheel bearing repack every 30k in between. Check wheel bearing pre-load every 10k i fyou run 35's and wheel hard. This is for both front and rears.

This is from what was learned from doing a lot of trucks.

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