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Jun 5, 2006
Decatur, GA
Looking into getting a fridge for the back of my 60. Any suggestions? Am looking for something around the 40L or higher. What are the differences between ARB, Engel, Norcold, and Waeco? Thanks for the help.


ARB/Engel/Norcold all use the same compressor system by Sawafuji. They are all pretty much the same except for color and the availability of a built in thermometer on the ARB. The Waeco uses a compressor system from Danfoss and is pretty good as well.

Do a search here and you will find tons of info.

Here's a comparison:

I personally have the Norcold MT-60 and it rocks. It's a little big, but it stores all our perishable foods and drinks with room to spare.
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FWIW: Have used my Waeco for 2-years...has seen heavy off-road use...and I wouldn't think twice if I had to do it all over again. It has two temp zones by default...hinge swings the 'right way' and opening direction is reversible. Not as popular in the USA as the Norcold/ARB/Engel...don't know why really.
i've been completely happy with my norcold fridge. the wifey likes it as well - really is a great convenience when on trips.
I have the 40-ish quart/litre ARB.

I couldn't imagine ever going back to coolers and ice. For those extra long trips when I have to carry food and drinks for the entire family, it gets a little tight on space...without drinks, it's more than enough room (I usually swap in a new drink when I pull a cold one out if it gets too full).

As already mentioned, the ARB/Engel/Norcold are essentially the same...sometimes a few minor cosmetic differences...but nothing significant.'s the one "mod" that the wife wholeheartedly loves.
Having taken a couple of scout trips and a couple out to Anza, I'd second Doug's comments about ever going back to coolers and ice. I also agree about the drinks and food for a family. It's always only me, so I don't have an issue with space in my 43 qt ARB.
I'm getting ready to purchase a 45qt but having a family of 5 is making me hesitate a bit. I will probably purchase a Engel 45qt for everything I want to keep dry and bring along a normal cooler for anything I don't mind getting wet.
The 60qt looks a bit to big and draws more electricity.

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