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Jul 26, 2007
Well, I enjoy speaking with 25 people...and so far, you guys have all been really cool! Today I got to know Frenchy a little more during a phone conversation, and this a pretty nice guy...who unfortunately doesn't have a Cruiser reading this need to get a 25 or old 40 ;)

In any case, this guy is actually a known for his VW's, and I want to do to the 25 what he did to one of his bugs...put it in the living room...just don't tell my wife ;)

Check it out his website --> The Museum

Jim...I know he's not a Cruiser guy yet, but he's been here before, and maybe he'll get a Cruiser soon I hope you don't mind me posting this.

Nice stuff Frenchy...very cool :beer:
Well I showed the pictures to my wife all she said was no! I'm not sure what that means. I think it means maybe, isn't that how you would inturpet no!?
Man, that is freaking sweet. I'd love to put a stock 40 in the house. I think all of our wives would feel different:bang:
I hope you changed that front tire Johnny, it seems to have a few flat spots on it.;p I having double french doors installed in the living room tomorrow. I mention this tread to my wife. She said we could pick the white FJ25 in the dining room since it would match the new doors. Some how I think she was just kidding:frown:

:meh:MEH, if one of my cruisers were to get placed in my living room I'd miss it too much. I spend more time in my garage than in my living room.;)
Thanks Dean

I just got home from the all Toyotafest. What a great time I had. Thanks for the kind words on your post.

Take care
Hey Frenchy...the most my wife will accept is if I put french doors in the wall dividing the garage from my "home office"...what magical spell did you cast on your wife for her to let you do this? :cheers:

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